George Republicans Try Using Government Power To Force Delta To Give Discounts For NRA

Georgia Republicans are trying to use the power of the state to force a private business, Delta Airlines, to give discounts to National Rifle Association (NRA) members.

Delta and other companies have chosen to end their discount programs with the NRA, which has attacked Parkland, Florida, shooting victims.

Republican Lt. Governor Casey Cagle of Georgia, who is running for governor, promised on Twitter to block tax proposals that help Delta until Delta gave into the NRA:

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston said he was “disappointed that certain corporations have chosen to engage in a sensitive debate by vilifying law-abiding supporters of Second Amendment rights. Likewise, I am troubled that this information was not made public until after the House of Representatives passed,” notes WXIA.

However, Delta never vilified “law-abiding supporters of Second Amendment rights.”

Georgia state Sen. Lee Anderson also cried the blues for the NRA, which receives millions from gun companies to promote sales of lethal weapons:

The major question is, why did you do it to the NRA? When the NRA has been good to you?

Georgia state Sen. Greg Kirk also chimed in:

I just hope they haven’t thrown the baby out with the wash by picking another battle in singling out the NRA with this.

Senate Finance Committee chairman Sen. Chuck Hufstetler also wanted to use state power to force the private airline to offer NRA discounts:

But we need to see how we can modify this bill if necessary, or see what Delta can offer us in return. I would like them to go back to where they were before. And go to the previous policy.

I’m confident that Delta wants to do the right thing and I look forward to hearing from them.

(Sources: WXIA), Casey Cagle/Twitter)

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