George Floyd Protesters Climb on Police Car in Los Angeles, Chaos Follows

Hundreds of people peacefully marched in a Black Lives Matter protest through downtown Los Angeles on May 27 over the May 25th police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

However, some of protesters took to the nearby 101 Freeway where they surrounded and jumped on top of a California Highway Patrol Car, which waited for a few moments and then drove off with people on the hood.

The protesters fell to the pavement; one appeared to be seriously hurt.

A second California Highway Patrol Car drove up to check on the fallen demonstrator, but protesters began kicking and smashing that squad car, which drove away.

The Los Angeles Times reports the “protester then received medical attention; the person’s condition was not released… the marchers eventually left the freeway but continued to protest… the Los Angeles Police Department issued a citywide tactical alert, and officers from the previous shift will be kept over to allow more officers to respond to the area. Dozens of officers were sent to the scene to provide crowd control.”

KABC reports: “The crowds seem packed tightly together, with few people observing social distancing. The use of masks appeared to also only be sporadic.”

KMPS reporter Karen Scullin tweets there was looting in Minneapolis, which also had peaceful protests.

(Sources: KABC via Twitter, KABC, Karen Scullin/Twitter, Los Angeles Times)

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