Gay Nativity Scene Sparks Outrage: Two Josephs, No Mary

A gay nativity scene featuring the Baby Jesus and two Josephs wearing pink, but no Virgin Mary, has sparked outrage.

Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, posted the picture of the scene on his Facebook page with a caption:

A Gay Nativity? Just came across this photo of a “gay nativity” scene — two Josephs dressed in pink watching over the Christ Child.

How sad that someone believes it’s okay (or funny or cool) to impose their own agenda on the holy Birth of Jesus. Pray for those who did so, for their change of heart, and that Jesus will forgive this sacrilege, this attack on the Christian Faith.

According to WPRI, the picture was originally tweeted by comedian Cameron Esposito, who hosts the Queery Podcast.

Esposito, who lives in Los Angeles, said it was created by two of his neighbors:

(Sources: WPRI, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin/Facebook, Cameron Esposito/Twitter)

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