Gay Couple Orders Wedding Programs, Is Sent Satan & Sin Pamphlets Instead

A gay couple ordered programs for their wedding from Vistaprint, but was sent pamphlets on sin and Satan instead.

Stephen Heasley and Andrew Borg have filed a lawsuit against Vistaprint in Massachusetts, notes Mass Live.

Vistaprint executives said in a statement that there was a mistake: 

What we have learned to date is that materials that were intended to be printed for one customer were incorrectly sent to this couple by a 3rd party fulfiller.

Vistaprint founder Robert Keane added:

We, and our partner, are committed to understanding how and why this happened. If we determine that any individual played a deliberate role in this mix up, we will take strong action.

Vistaprint executives said they reject discrimination “in all forms” and reached out to the gay couple.


(Source: Mass Live)

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