French Scientists Destroy HIV-Infected Cells

Medical teams at the Institut Pasteur in Paris announced in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism on Dec. 20 that they have been able to destroy cells infected with HIV.

People with AIDS are currently treated with antiretrovirals, which block infections, but do not destroy the reserves of the infection that are stored in immune Cd4 T cells (lymphocytes).

However, the medical teams noticed that the HIV virus doesn’t infect all the Cd4 T cells, but HIV did infect the cells with higher metabolic activity and higher glucose consumption, notes the Daily Star.

The medical teams were able to block the metabolic activity of the cell, making them resistant to infection and eliminating HIV in lab tests.

In November, researchers found a new HIV drug, Gammora, which eliminates up to 99% of HIV-infected cells within four weeks of treatment, but does not harm healthy cells.

(Source: Daily Star, Photo Credit: Travis Wise/Flickr)

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