David Barton Falsely Claims That Not Voting for Mitt Romney is “Sin”

Wallbuilder’s radio hosts David Barton and Rick Green invited The Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber on to the program to make this case to the WallBuilders listeners and the general consensus among all three was that it was a sin for any Christian not to vote for Mitt Romney.

Barton said: “So why do we have a question here? Because he’s a Mormon? Hey, we’ve got to get past labels. Just like Obama’s Christian label means nothing, Romney’s Mormon label means nothing. What matters is the fruit, which one is going to produce more biblical fruit.”

There’s only two options Christians have. Christians do not have the option of sitting this one out. You do not have that option, it is not a possibility. You will stand before God and He will say “I gave you your vote, what did you do with your vote?” And we can’t just say “well, I chose to sit this one out.””

In a failed attempt to speak for God, David Barton quoted “James 4:17; when you know what’s right to do and you don’t do it, that is sin.”

(Source: RightWingWatch.org and Wallbuilders)

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