David Barton Falsely Claims for 5th Time that U.S. Constitution Contains Direct Quotations from Bible

For the fifth time, debunked Christian historian David Barton falsely claimed that the U.S. Constitution contains dozens of direct quotations from the Bible.

Barton repeated the lie for the fifth time when he spoke at the ProFamily Legislators Conference shortly after the election, which aired today on “WallBuilders Live.”

Barton said: “I could take you through most clauses of the Constitution, but it’s interesting when you look at the Constitution and the clauses, if you know the Bible – and a lot of people don’t; they look at the Constitution and say “oh, that’s cool language.” If you know the Bible, you go “that’s a direct quote out of a Bible verse. That’s why so many Bible verses are directly cited in the Constitution. When people tell me the Constitution is a secular document, that tells me they’re biblically illiterate because if you know the Bible, you’ll instantly recognize these verses in Constitutional clauses.”

(Source: Wallbuilders and RightWingWatch.org)

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