Fox News Whines About CNN’s Jim Acosta Asking Sarah Sanders To Say The Media Is Not The Enemy Of The People

Fox News host Harris Faulkner and contributor Tammy Bruce whined about CNN reporter Jim Acosta who asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to say that the press is not the enemy of the people, which President Donald Trump has declared.

Sanders refused to say it, and attacked Acosta because she was made fun of by comedian Michelle Wolff months ago at the White House correspondents dinner.

Faulkner claimed Sanders was near tears because of Acosta’s question:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders [was] at the brink of tears yesterday after another contentious briefing with reporters. The tense relationship between the president and the media [is] sparking a growing debate about who is to blame.

Faulkner suggested the solution might be “no more cameras and no more televised press briefings.”

Over on the Fox Business channel, Tammy Bruce claimed that Acosta is an “an enemy to the American people”:

Well look, part of — I agree. Part of being, if you want to look at this as being the enemy of the people, is when the press, which is a fundamental part of our democracy and freedom, does not do its job. And you saw that played out right there.

Jim Acosta once again made himself the story, he made his own job the story. It was an attack on a woman who’s just trying to impart information to the press about what the White House is doing in a very volatile world.

And yet for that fellow, it was about him, and then he became an infant and stomped out of the room when he didn’t get his way. That is what makes you effectively in a larger, broader sense, an enemy to the American people.

Because what did he — did he ask any questions about the nature of what’s happening in Europe? About the economy here in America?

About what’s going on with China and with North Korea? About American crime, and about MS-13. No, it was about Jim Acosta, and that is his failure.

(Sources: Fox News via YouTube, Media Matters)

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