Fox News Viewers Slam Host Julie Bandera For Questioning Why People Need Assault Rifles

Fox News Julie Bandera questioned why normal people would need to own assault rifles on March 3:

She also called for Stronger background checks for gun purchases, notes

Does America need an assault weapon to protect itself? I’d like to take a timeout now for a common sense moment,” she began. “Of course, owning a gun is the right of every US citizen, but it is the responsibility of lawmakers to prevent those who don’t deserve the right from acquiring one.

It’s not an infringement on the Second Amendment to stop arming the mentally ill, but some will argue, “How do you plan to determine who is mentally ill?” Well, this goes well beyond mental health — background checks should include criminal records and any history of violence and drug abuse, and why not require training?

Fox News viewers slammed Bandera with the usual “you don’t know anything about guns” complaints and other insults:

(Sources:, Twitter)

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