Fox News’ Chris Wallace Tells Black Rep. Donna Edwards Not to Focus on Trayvon Martin Case

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace suggested to black Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MA) that she should not focus on the Trayvon Martin case, but seemed shocked when she told him that she was able to focus on multiple issues.

Rep. Edwards also explained to retired conservative neurosurgeon Ben Carson on Sunday that he was making a mistake by refusing to talk about race because there are “deep systemic problems that really impact African-Americans.”

“But Dr. Carson, really to be clear, there really are deep systemic problems that really impact African-Americans in this system that have to be addressed and I think the president spoke to some of those,” Edwards said. “And so, we can’t ignore that.”

“And I’m going to acknowledge like anyone else that everything is not about race but there are some things that are, and we have to acknowledge those and we have to make the systemic changes that are important to advance all of our communities so that people really can enjoy those things and the benefits, frankly, that Dr. Carson has enjoyed.”

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