Fox News’ Tucker Carlson & Ex-Reality TV Star Rachel Campos-Duffy Blame Mass Shootings On ‘Broken Homes,’ Not Guns

Fox News show host Tucker Carlson and former reality TV show personality Rachel Campos-Duffy blamed “broken homes” for the numerous mass shootings in the U.S., but failed to mention why “broken homes” don’t cause high numbers of mass shootings in other countries.

Carlson led off with the false premise that lawmakers are trying to stop people from defending themselves:

You gotta protect yourself, or you’re not going to be protected.  So why are we allowing blowhards from the Congress to try strip our ability to protect ourselves? I don’t understand.

Campos-Duffy called for fortifying schools as they do in foreign countries, lamented that children could not be more easily “committed” to mental health facilities against their will, and tried to put the blame on a “family crisis” in the U.S.:

Frankly, there’s another problem, Tucker, that people don’t want to talk about, and that is that we have a family crisis in this country.

Carlson agreed, and Campos-Duffy added:

There are broken homes, broken families. There’s a moral crises in this country and we hav families and schools, and a culture unwilling to talk about right from wrong and that’s also a part of the problem that Hollywood and The Left is unwilling to talk about.

“The Left” has repeatedly called for paid family leave, universal health care for families, taxpayer funded mental health services, which has been opposed by Republicans and Fox News.

(Source: CNN via Daily Motion)

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