Fox News: Trump’s Aid To Puerto Rico Is ‘Mind-Boggling’ Slow

While the Trump administration patted itself on the back for its response to Puerto Rico, Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera described a horrifying human disaster unfolding from San Juan airport in Puerto Rico.

Trump touted his administration’s “amazing” response to reporters, notes POLITICO:

I mean I think we’re really getting really good marks for the work we’re doing. We’ve gotten A-pluses on Texas and on Florida. And we will also on Puerto Rico.

Everybody has said it’s amazing, the job we’ve done in Puerto Rico. We’re very proud of it.

Rivera described how help was “mind-boggling” slow:

It is a mess; It’s jammed, the main terminal is jammed, Shep, with people desperate to get out of Puerto Rico at the urging of the governor, Ricardo Rosselló. He says anybody that doesn’t have to be here should leave. The problem is there’ve been so few flights out.

To me, it’s almost mind-boggling how slow the relief effort has been. There was one relief flight all day yesterday.

It just doesn’t seem that the pedal has been put to the metal yet if you get my meaning.This is a catastrophe with food supplies short, but with no water and no power, everyone is using generators — the generators need fuel.

It’s very melancholy and depressing, you want very much this relief machine to get up and going.

Imagine if you live in a 12-story condo and you have no water and electricity: every time you flush the toilet, you need a gallon of water. Where the hell you going to get it? The situation is getting more and more dire.

My fear is that people don’t recognize this is a slowly unfolding human catastrophe, a disaster from one end to the island to the other.

You need ships full of generators, that’s what you need. People want to send ice, the ice will melt. They want to send food, the food will spoil. The old-timers with their medicine, they need it three times a day, they need it refrigerated.

They don’t need good wishes, even money doesn’t buy it. What we need here is to get the island back on the grid, it’s in the dark ages now, Shep.

My point here, Shep, is that this is an extremely dire situation that unless it’s going to become the kind of screwed up response that Katrina was, we have to see practical results and the practical results are: put some people back online, get some temporary cell towers up.

(Sources: Fox News via YouTubePOLITICO)

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