Fox News Tries To Discredit Michael Flynn, Blame Obama

Fox News personalities are trying to discredit former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and blame former President Barack Obama for Flynn.

Fox News host Sean Hannity claimed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s lawful investigation into Trump and Russia was turning the U.S. into “a banana republic,” while Fox judicial analyst Gregg Jarrett described Mueller’s team as a “cartel, the equivalent of the Mob,” notes Media Matters.

 Hannity claimed — without any evidence — that Flynn could not be believed because he would say anything to keep Michael Flynn Jr. from being indicted. Jarrett suggested that Mueller would likely try to “suborn perjury” from Flynn, again without evidence.

During an appearance on Fox News, Matt Schlapp, a CPAC president, tried to shift the topic and blame to President Obama (video below):

Real fast. I think what’s really important for people to know, what ended up happening, what we’ve been reading about is that the Obama administration was surveilling team Trump and unmasking on hundreds of occasions to see who these names were of the people they were surveilling.

There’s something we have to mention. Barack Obama fired Mike Flynn from a very important intelligence position in his administration. The relationship between Mike Flynn and the Obama administration was terrible and the idea that they went back and actually tried to find wrongdoing on Mike Flynn is a very interesting and important part of this story.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta noted that the Trump White House was also trying to blame Obama:

(Sources: Media Matters, Fox News via YouTube, Jim Acosta/TwitterJim Acosta/Twitter)

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