Fox News’ Sara Carter Tries To Scare Parents With Drug-Filled Kids ‘Skittles Parties’

Fox News host Sara Carter tried to scare parents with stories of drug-filled “Skittles Parties” at the at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington DC.:

Our kids are having parties, they call them “Skittles Parties,” where they bring pills and put them into bowls and everybody picks a pill that they want and takes them. I mean, it’s kind of shocking when I heard about this, randomly taking pills.

While isolated incidents have happened over the years, Reason’s editor at large Nick Gillespie told Observer how Carter was fear-mongering:

The skittle remark is simply the latest reiteration of a nonexistent Momo scandal applied to drugs. In drug warrior culture, there’s a persistent threat of weird drug parties where kids go and take drugs. This is the same thing and it constantly comes up again and again.

(Source: Observer, C-SPAN2 via Twitter)

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