Fox News, Republicans Laying Groundwork For Trump To Fire Mueller: Report

Fox News hosts and Republicans appearing on Fox News are reportedly orchestrating a media campaign to set the stage for President Donald Trump to fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller who is investigating collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

Fox News and Republicans are claiming that former FBI agent Peter Strzok has somehow poisoned Mueller’s investigation of Trump because Strzok sent some private text messages to a woman in 2016 about not liking Trump, which is not illegal, notes ThinkProgress.

Mueller fired Strzok from the Trump investigation back in July, but Fox News and Republicans are claiming Mueller, a Republican himself, is tainted by Strzok.  

Fox News and Republicans are also outraged that Jeannie Rhee, who is part of Mueller’s team, previously represented the Clinton Foundation.

Fox News and Republicans are apparently trying to smear Mueller and the FBI enough for Trump to have reasons to fire Mueller.

Fox News personalities Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro have reportedly visited the White House to give Trump advice. Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow, and his son Jordan Sekulow, have appeared on their radio show and on Fox News program to attack Mueller and his team.

Technically it is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who has the power to fire Mueller who already has two convictions from Trump’s team and two more indictments.

Trump could, however  take a page from President Richard Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” and fire Rosenstein, who has refused to fire Mueller, and replace Rosenstein with a toadie who would follow Trump’s orders.

(Sources: ThinkProgress, Fox News via YouTube)




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