Fox News Reporter Jillian Mele Calls Torture Designers “Patriots”

Fox News Reporter Jillian Mele referred to James Mitchell and John Jessen — two psychologists who helped designed torture tactics that were used on detainees by the CIA under the Bush administration — as “patriots.”

Mele never used the word “torture” during her report on “Fox & Friends,” and failed to mention the two men were paid over $80 million by the Bush White House:

They accepted a critical job, save American lives. Now two patriots who helped develop the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program are headed to trial. A judge green-lighting an ACLU civil lawsuit against psychologist James Mitchell and John Jessen can move forward. A jury will now decide if they are financially liable for the physical and psychological effects of their program.

The Guardian notes the details that Mele left out: “Two of the men, Suleiman Abdullah Salim, a Tanzanian national, and Mohamed Ahmed Ben Soud, who is Libyan, survived their ordeal in a secret CIA prison in Afghanistan in 2003; they are now free and living in their home countries. The third, an Afghan national named Gul Rahman, died as a result of torture in the facility.”

“This is the first lawsuit brought by victims of torture in the CIA’s secret prisons even to reach the pretrial discovery phase. In previous cases, the Bush and then Obama administrations intervened to persuade courts to dismiss the suits, arguing state secrets were at risk if proceedings continued. But the publication of a 2014 Senate intelligence committee report revealed many details the government had long suppressed, including the names of the 39 men who endured Mitchell and Jessen’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” in a prison code-named Cobalt and other secret CIA facilities.”

(Source: Fox News via YouTube, The Guardian)

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