Christian Radio Host Kevin McCullough Lectures Audience on “Clarity” and Then Attacks Bob Costas

While guest-hosting the Frank Pastore show on KKLA-FM in Los Angeles, Kevin McCullough said: “I happen to be someone who is very, very into thinking through the biggest issues of our time with as much clarity as we can muster.”

McCullough, who claims to be a Christian, then demonstrated his “clarity” thinking by attacking NBC Sportscaster Bob Costas and accusing Costas of smoking crack.

McCullough claimed that Costas waxed a bunch of “gobleddygook” and said “when he got to the end of it, he basically says, in agreement with the Kansas City columnist he was quoting, that if Jovan Belcher had not had a gun that both he and the mother of his child would be alive.”

“And I think Bob Costas, not meaning to be irreverent or disrespectful, I think he’s smoking crack. Okay, maybe that was irreverent. But I don’t mean for it to be. I just think that I’ve seldom heard that a nuttier thing be said.”

After attacking Costas, McCullough added: “Now, I’m not trying to judge Bob Costas. I’m not trying to put him under the dome of judgement or anything like that. he’s a man, he’s allowed to say what he wants to say. he has the platform of NBC television on Sunday nights and what he does with it, he will be held accountable by that corporate entity.”

Here is Costas’ broadcast:

(Source: KKLA-FM)

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