Fox News Priest Says God Had A Purpose For Baby’s Death During Hurricane Florence

Father Jonathan Morris, a regular Fox News contributor,  told “Fox & Friends” on Sept. 16 that the death of baby in Hurricane Florence is part of God’s plan.

Morris claimed that Hurricane Florence “is a time in which we can become better people and focus on our relationship with God and our purpose for existing or else we can become bitter and we can just lose all hope.”

Co-host Katie Pavlich mentioned a mother and baby who were killed when a tree fell on their home during the hurricane:

How do people keep their faith when it feels like the whole world is crumbling?

Morris said the storm are saying, “God, give us meaning”:

And I believe there is meaning. I believe there is life after death. I believe there is salvation and redemption offered to us if we accept that.

And of course, innocent life like this as a child, we can have great confidence that God, of course, will have mercy and that there is hope, there is life after dead.

Morris concluded that people were tapping into God’s purpose by helping people struck by the hurricane that God allowed:

So many people say in a situation like this, ‘Gosh, so many people came to my aid.” That is also tapping into God’s purpose for situations like this.

The Friendly Atheist offered a different take:

It’s hard to see how anyone could find that comforting. A mother and her daughter died because of a natural disaster, and Morris immediately jumps to the imaginary silver lining. His “great confidence” that God would have mercy on a child who died without accepting Jesus is not comforting. These are the times when it’s reasonable to ask why God would need to kill innocent people as part of any divine plan or to question your beliefs altogether.

(Source: Fox News, Friendly Atheist)

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