Fox News Panelists Rejoice Over New NFL Rule Forcing Black Players To ‘Behave’

A Fox News panel rejoiced that the NFL has created a new rule that forces NFL players to stand for the National Anthem, and bans players (mostly black) from expressing their First Amendment rights by kneeling to protest police brutality against black people.

Fox News guest Burgess Owens, a black man who played in the NFL until 1982 and has become a Mormon and right-wing conservative, claimed young black men are not being taught to show respect:

We’re not teaching our black young men to respect. The flag, women, authority, the jobs—they come to work and get paid to respect the culture that’s been put in place for them.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto said the drop in NFL television ratings and money seemed to be a larger consideration than battling “Marxism-Socialism.”

A white panelist said that NFL players need to “behave” (by not peacefully protesting police brutality):

Their play gets them in the door. More importantly, how they continue to behave, which is to say the perception in the community among the fan base and the media, among potential sponsors, also equates into the overall equation.

In contrast, the ACLU tweeted that the new NFL censorship rule is “dangerous and un-American”:

(Sources: Fox News via YouTube, ACLU/Twitter)

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