Fox News Lies About Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview

The Fox News show “Fox & Friends” falsely claimed that President Donald Trump answered all questions correctly during his “60 Minutes” interview with reporter Lesley Stahl “on Oct. 14 (video below).

“Fox & Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt tweeted and deleted that Trump was “peppered endlessly” with questions, and then she spoke out against Stahl on the air:

People — many Republicans thought it was disrespectful and obnoxious.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney falsely claimed that Trump answered all of Stahl’s questions:

He’s so confident. Notice how he answered any and all questions at press conferences and with Lesley Stahl last night on “60 Minutes.”

Earhardt whined that Hillary Clinton refused to come on “Fox & Friends,” which has spread numerous conspiracy theories about the Clintons, and then Earhardt falsely claimed that Trump answered all of Stahl’s questions correctly:

Many people thought it made him look better because he did answer everything correctly.

But she gave a tough interview, and when you’re a journalist, you want to ask tough, fair questions. Many people had a problem, though, with the fact that she was interrupting him a good bit.

Hats off to President Trump, who will go up against any journalist, even the ones who aren’t in favor of him, and answer all the questions.

As a matter of record, Stahl did interrupt Trump when he lied; two instance are mentioned below.

The New Civil Rights Movement notes that Trump falsely claimed that his months-old immigrant child imprisonment policy, which he signed off on in May 2018, had been around during the Obama administration.

Trump also claimed that he did not mock Dr. Christine Blasey Ford even though Trump was filmed mocking the sexual abuse victim.

(Sources: Ainsley Earhardt via Twitter, Fox & Friends via Twitter, The New Civil Rights Movement, 60 Minutes via Daily Motion, Media Matters, Media Matters)

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