Fox News Lectures Americans To Stop Complaining About Low Trump Tax Refunds

“Fox & Friends” lectured Americans to stop complaining about their low tax returns, which are a result of President Donald Trump’s tax plan that takes money from the poor and middle class to cover tax breaks for the wealthy.

Trump falsely claimed in December 2017 that everyone was getting a tax vut with his plan, noted Politifact.

Fox Business Network host Charles Payne tried to blame Americans for changing their withholding numbers:

Here’s the thing. For the most part, the IRS is telling everyone that they just simply did not make the proper adjustments on the withholding at the beginning of the year. So they have been making all of this money.

Payne failed to mention that the Trump tax plan gutted the exemptions that families used to use to claim their kids with and lower their tax burden. Instead, Payne kept piling blame on taxpayers:

Of course most people didn’t do that. While people were obviously seeing fatter paychecks they were still counting on that refund they always got. Which is interesting because, you kind of hinted at it, that we would allow the IRS to have like a $2,000 loan, our money, right? 

Hold on to it because we overpaid. So people should probably consider making these adjustments anyway, unless you want to give the IRS two or three grand of your money to hold for a year. Maybe they can make the interest on it and you won’t.

However, most people did not get “fatter paychecks” as a result of Trump’s tax plan, which mostly benefited the very rich and corporations.

(Sources: Politifact, Fox News via YouTube)

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