Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Desperately Tries To Own Democrats With Plastic Straws And Light Bulbs

Fox News host Laura Ingraham made a desperate attempt at comedy to own Democrats with a plate of steak, incandescent light bulbs, and plastic straws on Sept. 7.

Ingraham explained the bizarre and pathetic spectacle to her viewers:

Okay. A warning, here it is, the ultimate trigger sculpture, kind of culinary sculpture, it has everything that Democrats hate. Steak, plastic straws, and light bulbs. And if I could have put an SUV on this I would have. Okay?

Ingraham triumphantly claimed “these are the light bulbs that Andrew Yang said are so dangerous to the planet.”

In reality, Republican President George W. Bush signed the law phasing out incandescent bulbs in 2007.

(Source: Fox News via Twitter)

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