Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Claims Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s Loss Shows ‘The Power of Donald Trump’

Fox News host Laura Ingraham claimed that Republican Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s loss on Nov. 5 to Democratic candidate Andy Beshear was evidence of “the power of Donald Trump!” and “very good news for Republicans,” notes Mediaite:

We had Matt Bevin, who had about a 32% approval rating back in July, Trump comes into town, gets this thing tied up at 49-49. [Without Trump] this race would have been a 10 point race for the Democrat...

In the state of Kentucky, we had a very unpopular governor… Trump comes in and he made this race as competitive as you can possibly make it.

That is the power of Donald Trump. Anyone thinking anything differently tonight isn’t being honest with the way they electoral map works, or what happened down-ballot...

This is all very good news for Republicans, but you know, Democrats are going to celebrate… anytime a Republican governor goes down.

(Source: Mediaite, Photo Credit: Fox News)

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