Fox News’ Julie Banderas Lectures Her Kids Not To Call People Names, But Likes Trump’s Insults

Fox News host Julie Banderas expressed her support for President Donald Trump’s name-calling of Democratic Sen. Adam Schiff of California, but said she teaches her kids not to do name-calling:

Banderas revealed her hypocrisy while interviewing Democratic Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey:

I’m sorry, that was funny. The name calling, uncalled for. I tell my kids, ‘”Name calling, not a good thing.’” I don’t practice name-calling myself. But, I mean, it’s Donald Trump…. I know, just ’cause it’s funny,. But, I mean, obviously he’s not being literal. He doesn’t actually think his neck is made out of a pencil. But that’s not even the point.

(Source: Fox News via YouTube)

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