Fox News Hosts Launch Coordinated Attack Against Dr. Anthony Fauci

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota played a montage of Fox News hosts attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on May 12 with “coordinated talking points” after Fauci testified to a Senate committee earlier in the day, and debunked President Donald Trump’s lies about the coornavirus.

The montage of Fox News hosts began with white nationalist Tucker Carlson making the straw man argument that Fauci “has not been elected to anything,” and falsely claimed that people treat Fauci like “he should be a dictator.”

Sean Hannity accused Fauci — without evidence — of supposedly trying to implement the Democrats’ political agenda.

Laura Ingraham parroted Carlson’s attack on Fauci by whining “no one elected him to anything.”

Former host of NBC’s “Meet The Press” David Gregory told CNN that Fox News is going after Fauci because “he has so much credibility and because, as a scientist, he seems to bring nothing but sober analysis and projections about this virus.”

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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