Fox News Hosts Furious About FBI Kavanaugh Investigation

Fox News hosts exploded on the news that the FBI will investigate Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh (more video below).

Jesse Watters led the rage on “The Five”:

One more week, what could happen? You could have more women come forward… and how do we know that the lawyers for Ford aren’t going to play games?

Geraldo Rivera inserted his alarm:

I don’t think that’s the risk, I think the risk is the investigation itself. Once it gets going, no one can stop it.

Katie Pavlich falsely claimed the FBI will ask the exact same questions that will generate the exact same answers that appear on existing sworn statements:

They have already given sworn statements to Congressional investigators. When the FBI asks them the same question, they’re already in a position where they are under oath saying it didn’t happen, so the questions will be the same and the answers will be the same.

Rivera noted that Kavanaugh made all sorts of unbelievable statements about his drinking and sexual activities with other students, which caused Watters to explode:

You’re assuming Brett Kavanaugh lied!

Fox News host Sean Hannity also had a meltdown on his radio show, notes Media Matters:

What happened today is the Senate Judiciary Committee, they did vote to advance Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate, but not after a lot of theatrics and drama by [Sen.] Jeff Snowflake, and then apparently he, then now joined by [Sen.] Lisa Murkowski, he now joined — she now joined by [Sen.] Joe Manchin, and now it goes on.

They want a one week delay. “We don’t want — we’re going to advance it to the Senate, the full Senate, but we want to see what happens.

So I guess at this point, unless other people come out, that it’s going to be another week, and what they’re asking for is that the Senate have an FBI investigation.

Now let me go through in detail why this is absolutely a bogus move on their part. It’s just important — facts matter in particular cases here. Now you got to remember, if you review the charges of Professor Ford, her allegations were made back in July.

Now we need one more week, why so another 15 people can be brought up by Democratic operatives? Is Sen. [Dianne] Feinstein getting attorneys for somebody else and not telling us about it?

(Source: Fox News via YouTube, Media Matters)

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