Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Slams Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin for Calling 3 Million Newly-Unemployed Americans ‘Not Relevant’

Fox Business host Neil Cavuto slammed Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on after Mnuchin said on CNBC that 3 million newly-unemployed Americans are “not relevant” during the coronavirus pandemic:

Mr. Secretary, they are relevant. Those are 3.25 million Americans that don’t have jobs anymore. And you might look at them as aberration, but they matter to those people because you know what? They don’t have jobs!

Tone is everything. That’s a very dismissive, condescending — just a dumb *ss tone… You’ve got to choose your words very carefully,. They are human beings who are desperately looking for something.

(Sources: Fox News via YouTube, CNBC via ABC News)

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