Fox News Host Kennedy Tries To Blame The Clintons For Trump Foundation Scam

Fox News host Kennedy tried to blame the Clinton Foundation for the alleged financial violations of the Trump Foundation, which is being sued by the New York Attorney General for alleged persistent illegal practices, such as using charity money to pay for Trump’s political, business and personal expenses.

Kennedy accused of the Clinton Foundation of money laundering, without any proof, and then claimed the Clinton Foundation set an example for other politicians (such as Trump) to break the law:

The Clintons had a brilliant money-laundering scheme in the Clinton Foundation. And it’s no surprise that any other politician would want to do the exact same thing, and concentrate money and power.

But now, the cat’s out of the bag. Because no mis-doing was really pinned to the Clinton Foundation formally, are they now going after the Clinton Foundation?

(Source: Fox News via YouTube)

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