Fox News Host Katie Pavlich Falsely Claims New York Law Is For ‘Recreational Abortion’

Fox News host Katie Pavlich claimed that New York’s new abortion law, which allows women to have abortions in the third trimester because of the mother’s life in danger or because of her health, is for “recreational abortions”:

So this New York abortion law which allows abortion up til the day before birth is, essentially, a recreational abortion bill.

Pavlich made her bizarre statement wile interviewing Dr. Omar Hamada, who incorrectly insisted that there is never a reason to abort a fetus in the third trimester:

You know, there are some reasons that we will end a pregnancy in the first trimester or other reasons in the second trimester, but there’s absolutely no reason to end a pregnancy so that the child dies in the third trimester.

The Center for Disease Control says that there are reasons a woman might be forced to terminate in the third trimester.

Dr. Jennifer Conti told The Guardian why women would have an abortion in the third trimester:

Abortions that occur at this stage in pregnancy are often the result of tragic diagnoses and are exactly the scenarios wherein patients need their doctors, and not obstructive politicians.

Asking a woman to carry a fatally flawed pregnancy to term is, at the very least, heartbreaking. I’ve often heard women say that they chose to end such pregnancies because of unselfish reasons: they couldn’t bear the thought of putting their fetus through even more pain or suffering.

Pavlich was pounded on Twitter for her comments:

(Sources: Fox News, Twitter The Guardian, Center for Disease Control)

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