Fox News Host Bret Baier Falsely Claims 180 Million Americans Would Be Lost Under ‘Medicare For All’

During a town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Fox News host Bret Baier falsely claimed that 180 million Americans would be “lost” under Sanders’ “Medicare For All” plan, which would cover all Americans.

Baier was stunned when most of the audience expressed its support for Sanders’ plan:

There’s 180 million people on private insurance, and they would be lost, right?

Sanders then schooled Baier on health care:

Fair question. I know it’s what the right wing throws out, so let me answer it, all right? Millions of people every single year lose their health insurance, you know why? They get fired or they quit and they go to another employer.

I was a mayor for eight years and you know what I did, what probably every mayor in America does, is you look around for the best insurance program, the most cost-effective insurance. You change insurance. Every year, millions of workers wake up in the morning and their employer has changed the insurance that they have.

“Maybe they liked the doctors, some people are nodding their heads, OK. So this is not new, every year. Now what we’re talking about actually is stability. That when you have a “Medicare for All” it is there now and will be there in the future.

(Source: Fox News via Twitter)

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