Fox News Host Blames Las Vegas Shooting On Shooter’s Lack Of Belief In God

“Fox & Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt suggested that the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, opened fire on Oct. 1 because he did not believe in God.

Earhardt offered up her theory after guest Michael Welner, a forensic psychiatrist, tried to blame CNN in part for the worst massacre in U.S. history. 

Earhardt also suggested that Paddock targeted country music fans because they supposedly believe in God and go to church:

What’s interesting, our last guest, the forensic psychiatrist said, “When you have someone who’s young that does something like this, they do it for notoriety; when you have someone who is older, they do it for a cause.”

And maybe this guy heard that song, God Bless America. His brother said he didn’t believe in God, or didn’t have a God, or didn’t have faith in his life, so maybe this is all speculation, but that possibly could be the reason, because he knows country musicians or country music fans are normally pro-God and go to church on Sundays. Maybe he has a problem with that or had a problem with that.

(Source: Fox News via YouTube)

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