Fox News Host Ainsley Earhardt Asks How To ‘Eliminate Evil,’ Ex-Navy SEAL Says Kill People

Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt asked former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink how we can eliminate “evil in this world” to stop terrorism, such as the recent terror attack in New York City that killed eight.

Earhardt asked:

You are reminded that there is evil in this world. So, how do we eliminate evil? How do we eliminate ISIS? What do we do?

Willink advised hunting evil people down and killing them:

Yes, there’s evil. And the things that [the terror suspect was watching on YouTube] are things those evil subhumans perpetrate on a daily basis. And the way you get rid of people like that is you kill them. You hunt them down and you kill them. And that’s what we should be doing.

(Source: Fox News via YouTube)

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