Fox News Guest Pushes Conspiracy Theory: Mail Bombs Are From ‘Left-Wing Type Of Operation’

Former FBI counterterrorism expert Chad Jenkins appeared on “Fox & Friends” to push a conspiracy theory about the mail bombs sent to President Donald Trump’s critics:

Well, it’s just one, zero-for-10 on any of these devices going off? We still have not gotten concrete information from law enforcement whether any of these devices actually were rigged, completely ready to go.

One, we have the worst right-wing bomb maker in history, or we have a false flag operation, where it’s a left-wing type of operation to create hysteria and to play on the hearts and minds of those independents and undecideds come the midterm.

Contrary to Jenkins’ wacko theory, the FBI has taken a man into custody in Florida in connection with the bombs, notes Talking Points Memo.

(Source: Fox News via Twitter, Talking Points Memo)


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