Fox News Fans Furious Over Mississippi School Renamed For Obama

Fox News fans are furious that the Davis International Baccalaureate Elementary School in Jackson, Mississippi is being renamed after President Obama.

The Fox News website carried a story by The Associated Press that noted the school was named after Jefferson Davis, the president of Confederate States, which fought for slavery during the Civil War.

The school is 98 percent African-American.

PTA President Janelle Jefferson told The Associated Press: “The students had overwhelming support for President Obama.”

However, Fox News fans were very upset about the name change and voiced their racist and bigoted objections in the comments section on the Fox News website, reports

Oh good, Barry’s school of liberal indoctrination.

Let’s just call it Chairman Mao High School.

Makes sense – it’s likely most of them receive gov’t benefits because of the disastrous job done by Obama – it literally is the “House Obama Built”

He’s a major political failure and a Hack. That’s what happens when you quota hire a community organizer to lead a country.

Who is Barrack Obama? I heard of a Hussein Obama, some muslim that tried to destroy America

The school motto “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”.

96% black students–12 black fathers—none involved students lives

The biggest tragedy was Lincoln not being able to ship those lazy babboons back to Africa

You can bet they’ll add a course on Islamic studies.

So they’re removing Davis’ name, because they perceive him as being racist. And renaming the school after someone who is clearly racist.

The popular courses in this school are “Maximizing welfare benefits” and “Raising children on your own and still in school”

Kapernick High School! Lol

One big round black building with lowered ceilings so you’re forced to kneel?!

I bet KFC will soon be carrying Obamfried chicken.

And of course Christianity will be banned and Islam adopted.

Their new motto in honor of Obama: “What do we want? Dead cops”.

Attaboy…gotz to pacify dem porchmonkeys.

all part of Common Core which sole purpose is to dummy the kids and create a massive gov’t workforce for the Global Governance…..pushed by the Dems of course.

The new school, “Obama Elementary” is focusing their curriculum on fake news, lying and deception with emphases on how not to get prosecuted well breaking the law. After completing college at Berkeley or Columbia most students will have an open invitation to work for the Clinton Foundation where that can put these richly developed skills to good use.

You left out one >>> How To Stay On Welfare For Life.

They can name the school whatever they want. I doubt anyone will be able to read it anyway.

(Sources: The Associated Press via Fox News,, Photo Credit: Justin Sloan/Flickr)

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