Fox News Fans Furious At Jay-Z For Mentioning White Privilege

Fox News tweeted and aired a segment about rapper and business Mogul Jay-Z talking about white privilege on David Letterman’s new Netflix talk show (video below).

Jay-Z made his statement in a conversation about Trump:

He’s bringing out an ugly side of America that we wanted to believe was gone, and it’s still here, and we still gotta deal with it. And we have to have the conversation, we have to have a tough conversation. We have to talk about the N-word and we have to talk about why white men are so privileged in this country.

During a Fox & Friends  segment about Jay-Z’s comment, Ashley Earnhardt pushed back:

Well, he’s complaining, yeah, because Jay-Z’s complaining about white privilege, but we had a black president for eight years. Did he do a good job?

Likewise, Fox News viewers were outraged on Twitter:

(Sources: Fox News/YouTube, Twitter)

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