Fox News’ Ed Henry Falsely Claims ‘Miles And Miles Of New Wall Being Built,’ Trump Campaign Tweets Henry’s Lie As Proof

Fox News’ Ed Henry falsely claimed on “Fox & Friends” that “miles and miles of new wall being built,” which President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign tweeted as evidence that new border walls are being built.

NBC News reports “the U.S. has replaced or reinforced 66 miles of fencing, including 9 miles of new secondary fencing,” and the Trump administration “has yet to extend the border wall.”

The Washington Post reported that “the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has completed just about 60 miles of ‘replacement’ barrier during the first 2½ years of Trump’s presidency, all of it in areas that previously had border infrastructure.”

Despite the facts, Henry falsely claimed that new wall was being built, notes Media Matters:

I’m here to say the president is right and they are wrong, and that’s not an opinion, that’s from my reporting with my own two eyes. … There is, in fact, miles and miles of new wall being built.

Trump’s 2020 campaign cited Henry’s false claim in a tweet:

(Sources: Media Matters, NBC News, The Washington Post, Trump War Room/Twitter)

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