Fox News Dr. Marc Siegel Tries to Smear Biden By Suggesting He’s on Speed and Adderall

Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel tried to lend legitimacy to President Donald Trump’s bizarre claim that Democratic nominee Joe Biden has to use drugs to improve his debate performance during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Sept. 21:

Siegel — who has tried to play down COVID-19 — wildly speculated that Biden is using speed and Adderall, reports The Daily Beast:

Tucker, imagine if President Trump said that, imagine how the wolves would be all over him if he made anything like that mistake. And the word of course they use to cover this is “gaffe,” but I have to tell you, it’s time we stopped using the word “gaffe.”

Siegel admitted hasn’t examined Biden and doesn’t “have a clinical diagnosis to make,” but went on to deliver a diagnosis based his alleged claimed conversations with nameless neurologists:

And I want to put forth some ideas tonight, they’re not proof, they’re not even theories, but back in 1988 former Vice President Biden had two aneurysms clipped in his brain using surgery, surgical techniques, and he had a bleed. Studies show a 50 percent long-term cognitive problem.

So now, President Trump says, “You know, we should have drug testing before debates,” and I’m thinking why would he be saying that? There’s a study that shows that for people who have mild cognitive thinking or memory problems, you know what helps? Speed. You know what helps? Adderall, a drug that I prescribe. These drugs can help in low doses for short periods of time.

(Sources: The Daily Beast, Fox News via Twitter)

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