Fox News Claims ‘Nobody Dying’ In Puerto Rico, 16 Have Died

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera said that nobody was dying in Puerto Rico despite at least 16 recorded deaths, due to Hurricanes Harvey and Maria.

During an interview, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz told Rivera:

There are all people at all municipalities literally starving, dehydrating. We have had our hospital try to go back to speed but then the electricity goes off and we have to do all the bacteria testing, which takes three to four days.

Rivera countered: 

But are people dying? I’ve been traveling around, I don’t see people dying. I spoke to the doctors, they say they saw 53 patients and they had a person who was septic, but nobody dying.

Cruz responded: 

Dying is a continuum. If you don’t get fed for seven, eight days and you’re a child, you are dying. If you have 11 people — like we took out of a nursing home — severely dehydrated, you are dying.

Puerto Rican officials have confirmed at least 16 people have died, notes The Washington Post.

(Sources: Fox News via YouTube, The Washington Post)

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