Fox News: Border Patrol Firing Tear Gas At Immigrants Is Like New Year’s Day Fireworks

Fox News host Anita Vogel compared the U.S. Border Patrol firing tear gas across the border at immigrants to celebratory fireworks on New Year’s Day, notes Media Matters.

You could say there were a different kind of fireworks this New Year’s as the Border Patrol — Border Patrol agents fired tear gas and pepper spray into Mexico just hours into 2019. Now, you can look at the pictures here and see it was a chaotic scene amid the smoke, and the second time in the last few months the Central American caravan has attempted to rush the border. Customs and Border Protection called it a “violent mob.”

About a group of — a group of about 150 strong that attempted to cross the border near Tijuana early Tuesday morning, New Year’s Day, just after midnight.

They say many of the migrants attempted to climb over and even crawl under the border fence in San Diego. Some agents say they saw several teenagers wrapped in heavy jackets, blankets, and rubber mats being hoisted over the concertina wire, and several others attempting to lift up toddler-sized kids over as well.

Officials say a number of people in the crowd began throwing rocks over the fence at agents and officers, and they responded with tear gas and pepper spray.

(Source: Media Matters)

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