‘Fox & Friends’ Whine About Meghan McCain And Obama Eulogies At John McCain Funeral

“Fox & Friends Sunday” hosts whined about the eulogies by Meghan McCain and President Barack Obama — at Sen. John McCain’s funeral — that appeared to take shots at President Donald Trump’s rude behavior and constant lying.

Co-host Pete Hegseth played the victim card of being “shamed”:

If you’re shamed into saying, “How dare you support someone like Donald Trump or his views because John McCain was the standard bearer of goodness.” John McCain was a good man who did a lot of great things for this country.

We can also be in a different chapter, where different tools and different leaders can take the mantle and carry forward what America represents. And I think that’s the dissonance that existed yesterday.

Co-host Ed Henry whined about a photo tweeted by Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, which showed Obama and former President George W. Bush sitting next to to each another with the caption: “Decency wins”:

It just seems odd that Jeff Flake feels like a funeral is the place for winners and losers. Somehow he believes these are the winners and there’s a loser somewhere else.

Henry also cried the blues that Obama claimed that McCain’s funeral was “all about unity but they didn’t invite President Trump, they didn’t invite Sarah Palin and they decided to take some shots”:

Is that really the right place for that? I was struck also by Barack Obama spending a lot of time in this eulogy talking about himself.

(Source: Fox News)

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