‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Attack Fourth Of July Protests Under Trump, Promoted Them Under Obama

“Fox & Friends” hosts expressed their outrage over a Fourth of July protest against President Donald Trump’s immigration policy, which locks children up (more video below).  

A group of protesters gathered at the Statue of Liberty with a banner that said “Abolish ICE,” and one of the protesters climbed the statue in protest of the Trump administration’s imprisonment of immigrant children.

Fox & Friends hosts slammed the protesters on July 5, notes media Matters.

Host Brian Kilmeade whined:

Can’t we agree on one day to celebrate the birth of our country regardless of who is in office? People seem to be missing that message.

However, Kilmeade failed to mention that “Fox & Friends” promoted white-led “anti-Obama, anti-tax tea party protests on July 4th” in 2009, noted ThinkProgress (video below).

(Sources: Media Matters, ThinkProgress)


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