‘Fox & Friends’ Host Brian Kilmeade Defends Trump CIA Nominee Gina Haspel’s Pro-Torture Record

“Fox & Friends”co-host Brian Kilmeade made an impassioned plea of support for Gina Haspel to head the CIA because of her active role in the illegal torture of detainees at a CIA “black site” in Thailand.

Haspel also participated in the destruction of video evidence of torture during the Bush administration, reports Democracy Now.

The Associated Press noted in 2014 that a Senate Intelligence Committee report found that CIA torture included waterboarding, beating, forced confinement for extended periods of time, forced standing and nudity.

Kilmeade soft-pedaled the torture as an “enhanced interrogation program” and repeated the long- debunked Bush era claim that torture keeps Americans safe:

Here’s the other thing, Gina Haspel has a decision to make. Is she going to come out and say, “Yeah, back then that’s what I did, and I regret it now.” Or is she going to say,

“That’s what I did, I’m proud of what I was able to get out of the worst of the worst. I am convinced I played an important role in stopping the next attack.

I don’t apologize for the Americans who are alive today and were not burned alive or had their heads cut off. Because I was able to use enhanced interrogation, okayed by the previous Justice Department, in order to keep America safe.

Right now you don’t want me to do it — so I won’t. But if the law says I should and it keeps America safe, I will. That’s what the CIA is supposed to do.”

(Sources: Democracy Now, Fox News via YouTubeThe Associated Press via Business Insider)

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