Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt Says She Is Not Paid As Much As Male Co-Hosts

Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt announced that she is not paid as much as her “Fox & Friends” male co-hosts.

The issue came up when co-host Brian Kilmeade noted that actress Natalie Portman had spoken out against the pay gap during the Academy Awards:

That whole pay gap thing, it’s not our problem, it’s not an issue just in America. It’s a huge issue in Hollywood. She brought up, right now for a woman to get paid as much as a man, it’s 80 cents on the dollar [in America]. In Hollywood, it’s 30 cents on the dollar.

Which is unbelievable to me, Because if you have a woman that brings you to the box office, she should get paid like that or a man, where gender shouldn’t even be an issue.

Earhardt interjected:

That’s what I’m telling you. Y’all should tell me how much y’all make and then I should get paid 80 percent.

Kilmeade refused to tell her, but stated: “You should get 100 percent.”

Earhardt chirped:

I should! But according to what’s happening in America — I think y’all should think about this. Write it down. I won’t tell anyone. I’ll use it to negotiate.

(Source: Fox News via YouTube)

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