‘Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt Defends Trump’s Pro-Torture CIA Nominee Gina Haspel & Supports ‘In God We Trust’ Poster In Schools

“Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt defended President Donald Trump’s nominee, Gina Haspel, to head the CIA despite her support for illegal torture of detainees.

On the same broadcast, Earhardt supported a Christian “In God We Trust” bill that has been proposed in Minnesota.

Haspel oversaw a notorious “black site” in Thailand that was used for illegally torturing detainees during the Bush administration.

Co-host Greg Kilmeade claimed Haspel has “made some of the toughest decisions anyone could make in a very laudatory way.”

Co-host Steve Doocy falsely claimed Haspel acted within the law: “Just keep in mind. Whatever she did when she was in power at that point, she was doing it as a directive and it was all within the law.”

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt invoked a familiar excuse used by the Nazis: “Right, doing what she was told to do.”

Later in the show, Earhardt lent her support for an “In God We Trust” poster that would be placed in public schools in Minnesota, if a new bill passes, noted Mediaite.com:

“What is wrong with goodness and forgiveness and treat your neighbor as yourself? Why do you want to take that out?” she asked him with shining eyes.

“I want to treat our neighbors as ourselves, to be welcoming to all people, regardless of whether they have religious faith or not. That is what we ought to be doing,” [Democratic Minnesota State Sen. John} Marty] replied.

But that wasn’t good enough for Ainsley, who quickly interrupted with: “But you love them enough to tell them about God and God’s mercy.”

(Sources: Fox News via YouTube, Mediaite.com)

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