Rick Santorum Attacks Media for Accurate Coverage

On “Morning Joe” GOP candidate Rick Santorum was displeased by the (100-percent accurate) insinuation that he had made contraception a centerpiece issue in his campaign: “This is you guys playing sort of gotcha politics. Go to any of my almost now 1,000 town hall meetings, and I don’t think the word ‘contraception’ has ever come up. Let’s deal with reality instead of what media tries to do, which is pigeonhole you and tell a narrative.”

However, during a town hall meeting from January in which Santorum says he believes U.S. citizens shouldn’t have right to contraception, as allowed under Griswold v. Connecticut.

I know it’s tough to keep track of what goes on at all those hundreds of town hall meetings, but this is like the “Where’s Waldo?” of contraception… if Waldo were waving his hands wildly and jumping up and down until you found him.

In all seriousness, beyond the town halls, Santorum has a hard time proving he’s not a contraception candidate.

On the “Today” show, Santorum explained why he’s anti-contraception, arguing that it leads to “a lot of unplanned pregnancies.” [Insert flippant “does he even know what contraception is?!” joke here.]

For good measure, here’s a clip of Santorum calling birth control a “grievous moral wrong.”

Santorum also wants to fight “dangers of contraception,” calls contraception “not okay.”

(Source: thejanedough.com)

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