Fox Business Host Falsely Claims Votes Were Rigged By DNC

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo falsely claimed the voting process during the Democratic presidential primaries was rigged in 2016 to give Hillary Clinton the win over Bernie Sanders.

Bartiromo came to her conclusion based on former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman Donna Brazile’s claims that the DNC favored Clinton, but did not provide any evidence that the alleged favoritism affected the actual vote count or voting process.

Current DNC chairman Tom Perez reminded Bartiromo that Clinton won the primary (over Bernie Sanders) by four million votes and the popular vote in the general election (over Donald Trump) by three million.

“But it was rigged!” Bartiromo shouted. “Now, we know it was rigged!”

Perez mentioned to Bartiromo that the Democrats won on Nov. 6 in Virginia and New Jersey: “Maria, I understand that, when the Democrats win across the board, as they did last night, that you’d like focus on other things.”

Perez also correctly noted that Obamacare is seeing record enrollment numbers, but Bartiromo tried to blame Obamacare for higher premiums even though Obamacare does not set premiums.

(Source: Fox Business via YouTube)

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