Rep. Phil Gingrey Attacks ‘African-Americans For Obama,’ But Didn’t Mind ‘African-Americans for Bush’ in 2004

Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) lambasted President Obama this week for creating a voter outreach group called “African-Americans for Obama,” calling the move “worse than sad.”

Gingrey’s comments came on the G. Gordon Liddy radio show Tuesday. The host attacked Obama’s campaign for creating the group, speculating that if presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney created a group called “White Folks for Romney,” “the country would go bananas!” Gingrey agreed, going on to accuse Obama of using “African-Americans for Obama” to “create divisiveness” and pit “one race against the other.” “It really is worse than sad,” Gingrey declared.

Gingrey didn’t have a problem in 2008 when John McCain announced his “Hispanics for McCain” leadership team. Nor did he say anything in 2004 when President Bush created “African-Americans for Bush.” Same in 2000 with “Arab Americans for Bush/Cheney,” “Women for Dole” in 1996; “Asian Americans for Bush/Quayle” in 1992; and “Hispanics for Bush” in 1988.


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