Senate Candidate Pete Hoekstra Defends Racist Ad

Former congressman and current Senatorial Michigan candidate Pete Hoekstra visited America Live Monday afternoon to deny claims that his ad, featuring a Chinese woman mispronouncing his opponents’ name,  plays on racially-charged stereotypes.

“You’ll notice that the ad,” he continued, “points to the opportunities that America’s dumb economic policies — deficit spending, trillion dollars of deficits, trillions and trillions of debt — it creates the opportunities for counties like China and others to take advantage of our weakness.”

Host Megyn Kelly brought up the fact that the young woman speaks broken English. “Well, it’s not a stereotype at all,” Hoekstra responded. “This is a, you know, through the creative, this is a young woman in China who is speaking English. That’s quite an achievement.”

(Source: and Fox News)

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