Former Trump Admin Vaccine Expert Exposes Trump’s COVID-19 Lies in Secretly-Filmed Documentary

Several public health experts — including Dr. Rick Bright, a vaccine expert who was ousted from his role at the Health and Human Services Department after objecting to Trump’s COVID-19 response — appear in the new documentary “Totally Under Control” to explain how the Trump administration refused to prepare healthcare workers and the public for the deadly pandemic.

Bright recalls the Trump administration stood in the way of science-based action during the “missing six weeks” in February and March:

We, the scientists, knew what to do for the pandemic response. The plan was in front of us but leadership would not do it. It is time to lay our careers on the line and push back.

The film also includes interviews with former CDC director Tom Frieden, Dr. Taison Bell of University of Virginia, and Michael Bowen of Prestige Ameritech who offered to produce N95 masks, but was dismissed by the Trump administration in January.

(Sources: Altitude Films/YouTube, Common Dreams)

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