Former NYPD Officer Claims Mail Bombs Are ‘False Flag Bombings’ By The ‘Left’

Former NYPD officer and current employee of a security firm, the Perimeter Agency, Vince Guastamacchia claimed — without any proof — on “Fox and Friends” that a series of bombs sent to Democrats and those in the media could actually be “false flags bombings” by unidentified people on the “left,” notes Media Matters:

First, I heard the NYPD bomb squad is premier and cutting edge technology and dismantling these bombs. The fact that these bombs have not gone off is a great indication that I feel these are false flag bombings. Am I allowed to elaborate on that? 

…What I think is this bomber should be fired. He sent five or six packages already, none of them have gone off. I’d really like to have more information on the types of devices.

I’d like to have more information on the set-up. Were they set to detonate? I really think that the left feels they’re losing on many levels, and I feel they’re planting these devices just for — to play the role of the victim. 

After inviting the conspiracy theorist on the show, co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade insisted they were not going to speculate.

(Source: Media Matters, Photo Credit: MSNBC)


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